When one starts in this discipline, it is not always obvious which rugby equipment to choose for training or matches? So what equipment is essential to begin with.Basic rugby equipmentYou have just joined your club and this is your very first season… In this case, you need to invest in rugby equipment so that you can train and practice in the best conditions. First of all, it will be essential for you to buy the basic rugby equipment of any player.First step, rugby clothing (jersey, shorts, socks, etc.) will be essential. For training, you can choose the rugby jersey you want, for example, the rugby jersey of your favourite club or second-hand rugby jerseys from one of your favourite clubs. It simply has to be durable. In competition, your club will provide you with a rugby jersey and other rugby clothing in the club’s colours.Secondly, you must take the time to choose the rugby shoe that best suits you. Indeed, rugby shoes or studs play an essential role because, in addition to the simple practical aspect, they must fit your foot to guarantee maximum comfort during physical exercise (running, kicking the rugby ball, dropping, etc.). Poorly adapted studs can cause injury or pain.The last rugby equipment mandatory for all players, the tooth protector. Essential to protect your teeth, there are several models to complete this rugby equipment offering more or less comfort depending on the brand and especially the level of protection.As we mentioned earlier, choosing the right rugby cleats is essential to guarantee good playing conditions. However, this rugby equipment has a few subtleties, as you can’t wear the same pair of rugby studs on all pitches, so several studs are essential. To lighten your load, the best option is to buy second-hand studs, but check them well before you buy. Indeed, choosing your rugby shoe is not so simple because there are currently different models of rugby studs depending on the playing surface.Rugby studsMoulded rugby studs : Ideal for dry ground and synthetic surfaceScrewed on 8 studs: it allows the player’s power to be exploited thanks to a strong grip, and is best suited for natural and soft surfaces. (rather the front 8)Rugby studs target 6 studs: Natural wet pitch for players looking for high mobilityAdditional equipmentFinally, you can choose to invest in more complete rugby equipment, especially in terms of protection. Shoulder pads and rugby helmets are not compulsory but limit the range of impacts and blows.You can also choose to buy your own model of rugby ball in the colours of your favourite club. It will be very useful if you wish to practice, outside the club’s training slot, drops or penalties.

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