The 2019 Rugby World Cup Gazette: high-tech, big surprise and ongoing investigation

In case you didn't see that Fukuoka kick through try well enough from the first angle, take another look with this…

You may have spotted these videos on Twitter on the account of the organizer of the World Cup, Rugby World Cup, which feature the players of the World Cup.

You might have wondered what this new video game was all about and wondered why only a few games were involved.Okay, you might not have racked your brains as much as we did, but know that we still have These videos are the result of a partnership between World Rugby and the Japanese branch of Canon.

It's not a video game, but it's just like: thanks to a set of cameras called “Free Viewpoint Video System”, we can capture game actions from a new point of view.Processed by a computer system , the data is then assembled and provides a 3D space in which it is possible to move.

Used only in seven matches, including the semi-finals and the upcoming final, this technology feels like you're right in the middle of the action - breathtaking, according to Rugby World Cup.

Mind blown 😲 Get onto the pitch with George Bridge and the @AllBlacks at # RWC2019 Courtesy of @Canon_mj

Improbable is not Australian.While he missed out on the first two World Cup games due to injury and has only two national team caps, Wallabie Jordan Petaia will be in favor.the first time holder at the post of second center against the English, Saturday, for this quarter-final (9:15).

Posted Date: 2020-11-19

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